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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Artur Nash

December 1, 2017

Sport: Hockey



What do you most love about your sport?


It’s fun, it’s more the enjoyment factor than anything, better than most sports I feel, great bunch of guys really, that’s about it, it’s just fun.


What are your experiences of equality in sport?


Not so much inequality, more equality because there are like specialist Indian teams I feel, obviously I’m not Indian but there are equality teams out there, so that’s Indian teams, a few Sikh Union teams and stuff like that. I’ve not felt any inequality really, more equality than anything, I feel like one of the boys. Some sports are a bit, there is a bit of inequality, like football for example and some of those stereotypes.


There could be more campaigning for Hockey, there’s not really much out there, because football have the racism bans and the racism posters and rugby has that as well I think. But there’s not really mention about hockey, it’s not really there if I’m being honest.


How do you think it’s improved?


It could improve, by maybe perhaps not having specialist teams, rather than having a Sikh Union team, they could go to other teams because it might put non-Sikh people o of playing for that club, so they’ll have to go somewhere else. That’s about it.




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