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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Takuya Osaki

November 30, 2017

Sport: Rugby Union



How did you get into your sport?


My Dad got told that I would suit rugby, so basically I got forced to play rugby, I hated it at first but something just clicked when I was about 10 when we started contact.


What do you most love about your sport?


The community, the togetherness, if something happens we have each others’ back


What are your experiences of equality in sport?


Well men and women the coverage is completely different, obviously the ladies are always on after the men’s if they are playing at Twickenham and then they close o the top two tiers, which obviously is completely different from the men’s. Sometimes they don’t even get coverage on telly, they get coverage live stream, in that sense it’s a bit unfair, but at the same time you have to respect that sport is a business and if the ladies don’t really rake in enough money, then they can’t really cover the cost of coverage. At the same time, gymnastics, beach volleyball, those kinds of sports rake in more for the women’s than the men’s, I assume, this is my assumption anyway, so I think in that sense every sport has it’s own inequality, but with our generation now I think it’s getting to the point where it’s getting more equal, but it’s going to take a hell of a long time.


I think opportunities are opening up to everybody left right and centre, I mean the Paralympics have been pretty successful, especially with Rio and London. It’s just the Paralympians or the athletes who have a disability, it’s accessibility for them, but that comes with funding, it’s a chain reaction isn’t it. In that sense it’s getting there, but I think we are just heading in the right direction.


How do you think it could improve?


More awareness, being more open and let the general public be educated in those kind of things, rather than shying away. Embrace every sport’s inequality and actually pay attention to them, because if we shy away then we are never going to get anything sorted, we just need to go at it head on, front up and battle it from there. I think the most important thing is having that mental mindset, being more open, as soon as we get more narrow minded, more closed, then nothing’s going to get done, as in to move forwards, we’re just going to stay in the same place all the time. So as long as we have an open mind, the guys at the top have an open mind about everything, then I think that’s the most important part in moving forwards in it being equal to everyone.




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