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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Christian Quek

November 29, 2017

Sport: Badminton



What do you most love about your sport?


I definitely like the fast pace, the pure speed, go full out, burst for it between each shot, I nd it a great rush of adrenaline to go for each shot.


What are your experiences of equality in sport?


Unfortunately there is inequality in the sport, in selection of certain teams, my experience with my Brother, because he is a better player than myself, he was ranked top 4 in the country but he didn’t get selected for the team of 6 players that were sent to an international tournament. They selected players that were more the coaches favourites, which is not really fair, you should really select the top players. If the England coaches had someone who has not been coached by themselves, it looks bad on them. They’re obviously being paid to produce talent, whilst if they don’t produce talent it looks bad on them.


Sport in general, there is a little bit of inequality here and there, obviously with women’s clothing, I don’t think it’s fair that all women have to wear women’s clothing, like skirts. In badminton women can wear shorts or skirts or wear the whole dress, they don’t have to, they can wear either one.


How do you think it could improve?


It could improve further because there’s still a little bit of unfair treatment between both sexes, especially with doping as well. I think men get a little bit more leniency sometimes because of reputation, because they’ve had a longer reputation in the sport. Whereas women, when they get caught, there’s less leniency on it, honestly they don’t have as long in the sport.




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