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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Millie Wood

November 28, 2017

Sport: England Rugby 7s



What do you most love about your sport?


Competing at the top level is great fun, playing against the other athletes that do the same job as you day in and day out.


What are your experiences of equality in sport?


It’s quite a hard one really, because we can see differences straight across to the men’s squad, simply by the amount of kit we get, our wages, the amount of facilities and contact time we have to play our sport. But then it’s pushed back by the fact that we are also so passionate about the sport. The environment we play in is exactly the same, because it is what we make it, but in terms of the sort of material things we get, is very unequal and then the coverage we get, it’s getting there, but the men obviously have a lot more over all the social media and publicity. I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.


The bit that sort of bugs me the most is how women are perceived in the media, how they’re sort of used in photography and things like that. So I looked at a few campaigns from things that you’d stereotypically see a male sports fan purchasing during events, you know a lot of the women were in minimal clothing and positioned in a sexually suggestive way, whereas you know, these women, some of them were athletes themselves and there was no reason for them to be without their kit on or in a sporting pose, it just belittles the way that women are seen as athletes. On the there hand you’ve got people like Jess Ennis, who are just endorsed by brands like Santander, which are trustworthy brands and would only promote her in the right way.


How do you think it could improve?


That comes down to the sporting clubs themselves who put out the budgets, so a few, for example, are very biased towards the men, if that starts to change and the money starts to come in, then you can do more with that. I think that’s just the same across all of the sporting governments.




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