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November 26, 2017

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Katie Tamin Interview

November 23, 2017

Sport: Team GB Disabilities Trampolining


What is your disability?


I have a hearing impairment, so I can’t hear at all when I take my cochlea implants out.


How does your impairment affect you in your sport?


I cannot hear on the trampoline, so when I do new moves, my coach cannot shout out to me to help me know where I am and what to do. I have to rely on myself when trying new things.


What do you most love about your sport?


In our club we’re always really supportive of each other and always try to help each other get new moves.


What are your experiences of equality in your sport?


I always feel included, I don’t think I’ve had a time where I haven’t felt included.


How do you think the disability system in trampolining could be improved?


I know there’s not a lot of people, but there could be different levels, because at the moment I’m competing against a really young child and we’re on different levels and we’re in the same group.


What do you think works about the disability system at competitions?


They used to have disability competitions separate to the mainstream competitions, I like that they have put them together so you’re still with people from your club, so you can all go up together.


How did you feel when the GB Disability squad was disbanded from British Gymnastics?


It felt weird because we didn’t have squad training, so we didn’t really feel part of the squad, I quite enjoyed going away with the disabilities squad.


Do you think there is a possibility for the disabilities squad to be brought back in?


Yeah, I think so, I’ve heard that it might be coming up again next year.




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