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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Luke Simpson Interview

November 21, 2017

Sport: Sprinter - 60m, 100m and Relay




What do you most love about your sport?


Competing. Putting yourself in that position, in the zone, it’s so tense when you’re at the line because you never know how quick the other people in your race are going to run.


What are your experiences or opinions of equality in your sport?


Within athletics, I think there is quite a lot of equality, you never see any signs of racial discrimination or any discrimination really. Athletics is a universal kind of thing, so it’s open to all abilities and no-one shows any harshness towards anyone. I feel like the reason I like athletics the most, is because I’ve never experienced any racial discrimination within the sport compared to other sports I’ve played.


The media can in a sense blow things out of proportion now and again, like make them bigger than what they need to be, but on a whole they do publicise things that are pretty much accurate. When it comes to the media you never see cases of racial discrimination or any sort of discrimination within athletics, the only thing that is seen as a problem within athletics, which should be cut out and stamped down on, is doping.


I think people should realise it’s for anyone, it doesn’t matter your abilities. Yeah I’m able-bodied and can run really fast, but there are people who are less able-bodied than me and they could out run me. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or the ability of your body, you can still achieve things. It’s not just Olympians like Usain Bolt that make me strive to do better, it’s athletes like Libby Clegg, who ran in the T11 races, who inspire me as well. It shows me that if anything ever happened to me, I can still do the sport I have passion for.




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