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Ashley Dagger

November 26, 2017

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Introduction to Equality in Sport Series

November 20, 2017



Equality in sport has evolved and improved throughout time, with each new generation of athletes and fans comes a fresh set of ideals and perspectives. Although the world is seemingly becoming a more educated, accepting and inclusive community, there are still many forms of discrimination and unfair treatment that slip under the radar. Due to the massive worldwide platform sport is given by the media, it serves as the perfect place to display equality in all forms and encourage acceptance to spread into other areas of society.


Throughout this series I have met, photographed and interviewed fifteen athletes, all from different walks of life, with different stories to tell. Each athlete spoke passionately about their experiences of equality and in what way the sporting world could act to improve how things currently stand. None of the athletes were asked about a specific type of discrimination, all questions were very open, however the areas they each chose to discuss were often surprising, and on occasion brought to light issues that had never occurred to me. The areas of discrimination covered within this body of work include race, sex, age, disability, funding and training location.


Once all the interviews are reviewed together, a number of themes begin to surface, even within this small collection of participants. This includes specific sports being continuously mentioned for their lack of equality, as well as a comparison between individual and team sports and what type of discrimination is more commonly found in each. The vast similarities and differences discovered throughout each perspective, comment both on what we are already aware of, as well as what needs more attention and action, in order for humanity to move towards becoming an equal and accepting community.


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